6 epic facts that will motivate you to get a website now

1. 70-80% of potential customers are lost to businesses who don’t own a website.

2. Online purchases in Canada are expected to reach 40 billion by 2019.

3. Having a website doesn’t have to be complicated – hire a professional company to design, develop and maintain your website so you can focus on your business.

4. Having a website shows that you are a legit business. People see trust in businesses with websites and get frustrated when they don’t have one.

5. No, your business is not too small for a website. You’ve put a lot of effort into securing your brand and you should protect it online with a website and domain.

6. Your competitors are online. By not having a website you are basically helping your competitors get more business. Don’t you want to be recognized for all of your hard work?

So that sums it up. We shared 6  epic facts that actually help with website growth and honestly these are just a small selection. I know it can seem overwhelming to get out of you comfort zone and be part of the online community but that’s why we’re here.

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