6 tips for selling at the farmers market

Farmer’s markets are all the rage right now – you may be experienced with them or just getting into it. Here are 6 tips for helping your business sell at farmer’s markets.

Let people try your product

Everyone loves freebies. I don’t know how many times I’ve been to the market and have chosen one booth over the other because one offers a sample. 

Set out a few products/items that people can take while browsing. Make sure these have branded packaging and business cards beside them. If they like your product they will be back.

Be happy and excited about your brand

It’s important to be approachable. Create conversation, instead of sitting in a chair, stand up and make eye contact. People are excited and ready to purchase your product if you respirate you are more likely to see a boost in your sales.

Get to know your customer

Establishing a relationship with your customers will keep a customer for life (and referrals). This can be through your farmer’s market presence, community, or social media. If you have Facebook or Instagram make sure to display this at your booth.

Be unique

What makes your product different from the booth beside yours? You can always find a niche, even if it’s unique packaging or creating bundles for your products. What sets you apart? 

Showcase photos of your farm or place of business

A lot of people are looking to connect with you. Displaying photos of your farm or place of business builds trust and can be that overall sales deciding factor. 

Develop a brand

Stand out from other vendors by having a professional and well-thought-out brand. This includes a logo, name, colours, labels, handouts, tents, and overall theme. If you’ve tried to create your own listed above and don’t feel it represents your brand to the fullest, ask for professional help. 

You want to be instantly recognizable to your customers so anyone can pick you out at the market, and having a strong brand will help.

If you need help building a professional brand reach out to me, I offer a free consultation, I’m always here to help!