Free Resources To Get The Online Presence You Deserve

Feeling stuck? Yes, YOU CAN have the online presence you’ve always wanted. If you’re a startup, an existing business, or just thinking about starting an online presence, this is for you!

Resources for:

Grants – Get the financial support you need

Money doesn’t have to be an issue when trying to get an online presence.
Did you know there are many options for grants that support existing businesses and startup businesses? All you have to do is apply. If you aren’t in Ontario go to your local Small Business Enterprise Centre and learn what options are available to you.

Live in Ontario? Apply for one of these grants:

Digital Transformation Grant Program
Is focused on providing qualifying brick-and-mortar small businesses with a digital assessment, online training, and a one-time $2,500 grant to implement their Digital Transformation Plan. This includes website design, branding, and social media support.

Starter Company Plus
Starter Company Plus provides a grant of up to $5,000 to start a new company, expand an existing company or buy a business in Ontario.

Applications are made through Small Business Enterprise Centre locations.

Free Branding Guide: Mission & Values

It’s always hard to get started with this, let me help! I’ve compiled a few questions to kickstart the process. All entries will get a followup email from me

Free Online Tools That Can Help Your Business Grow

There are so many online tools out there that can help grow your business. You don’t have to do it all.

What next?

Still feeling stuck or not sure how to start? Contact me, I’d love to chat!